The Most Innovative Obstacles in Metro Dash® Events

The Most Innovative Obstacles in Metro Dash® Events

1. Urban Walls

Metro Dash® incorporates various types of urban walls that participants must climb over or scale. These walls simulate real-life urban challenges and require participants to use upper body strength, agility, and technique to navigate them efficiently.

2. Cargo Net Crawls

Cargo nets are a staple obstacle in Metro Dash® events, requiring participants to crawl under or climb over them. These obstacles test endurance, balance, and agility as participants maneuver through the nets without getting tangled.

The Most Innovative Obstacles in Metro Dash® Events
The Most Innovative Obstacles in Metro Dash® Events

3. Water Challenges

Some Metro Dash® courses include water-based challenges such as water crossings or submerged obstacles. These challenges add a dynamic element to the race and require participants to navigate through water while maintaining speed and agility.

4. Tire Fields

Tire fields are another innovative obstacle where participants must traverse through a field of tires of varying sizes and arrangements. This obstacle tests agility, balance, and coordination as participants jump, step, and maneuver through the tires.

5. Rope Climbs and Swings

Rope climbs and swings are challenging obstacles that require upper body strength and coordination. Participants must ascend ropes or swing across gaps using ropes, testing their grip strength and agility.

6. Monkey Bars and Traverse Walls

Monkey bars and traverse walls are classic obstacles that Metro Dash® enhances with urban twists. Participants navigate across suspended bars or walls using upper body strength and technique, while also testing grip endurance and balance.

7. Over-Under-through Obstacles

These obstacles combine different challenges such as climbing over walls, crawling under barriers, and maneuvering through confined spaces. They require participants to adapt quickly to changing movements and use a combination of strength and agility.

8. Urban Maze

The urban maze is a labyrinthine obstacle that challenges participants to navigate through a series of barriers, walls, and twists within an urban setting. This obstacle tests spatial awareness, decision-making under pressure, and endurance as participants find the quickest route to the exit.

9. Sandbag Carries

Sandbag carries are functional strength obstacles where participants must lift and carry heavy sandbags over specified distances or up inclines. These obstacles simulate real-life functional movements and test muscular endurance and strength.

10. Balance Beams and Slacklines

Balance beams and slacklines add a balance component to Metro Dash® events, challenging participants to traverse narrow beams or lines without falling. These obstacles test core stability, proprioception, and concentration under pressure.


Metro Dash® events are at the forefront of innovation in obstacle racing, continually introducing new challenges that require participants to adapt, strategize, and push their physical limits. These obstacles not only test physical prowess but also foster camaraderie and determination among participants as they tackle urban challenges together. Whether you’re a seasoned obstacle racer or new to the sport, Metro Dash® offers a thrilling experience that combines athleticism with the excitement of navigating urban landscapes. Prepare to encounter these innovative obstacles and more as you take on the ultimate challenge of Metro Dash®!