Memorable Moments

Memorable Moments: The Most Epic Finishes in Urban Races

Urban obstacle races are known for their unpredictable and thrilling nature, where participants push their limits to overcome both physical and mental challenges. Over the years, these races have provided countless unforgettable moments, especially at the finish line where the culmination of effort, strategy, and determination is most evident. Here, we recount some of the most epic finishes in urban races that have left a lasting impact on the sport and its community.

1. Joe De Sena’s Spartan Race Ultra Beast Finish (2011)

Joe De Sena, the founder of Spartan Race, epitomized the spirit of perseverance during the inaugural Spartan Race Ultra Beast in 2011. Despite being one of the toughest courses ever designed, with over 26 miles and 60 obstacles, De Sena’s determination to complete his own creation showcased the race’s grueling demands and set a high standard for all future participants. His finish not only highlighted the difficulty of the race but also the unyielding human spirit.

2. Amelia Boone’s Emotional Tough Mudder Win (2014)

Amelia Boone’s victory at the 2014 World’s Toughest Mudder was a defining moment in obstacle racing history. Boone completed 90 miles and an array of obstacles over 24 hours, despite battling injuries and extreme fatigue. Her tearful and emotional finish, where she collapsed at the finish line, symbolized the immense physical and mental challenge of the race. Boone’s performance and sheer willpower have since inspired countless athletes to push beyond their perceived limits.

Memorable Moments
Memorable Moments

3. Jon Albon’s Unstoppable Finish at OCR World Championships (2016)

Jon Albon’s performance at the 2016 OCR World Championships was nothing short of legendary. Facing a brutal course with some of the toughest obstacles in the sport, Albon not only won but did so with a significant lead. His finish was marked by a sprint to the end, demonstrating his superior conditioning and obstacle proficiency. Albon’s domination of the event solidified his reputation as one of the best in the world and set a new benchmark for excellence in obstacle racing.

4. Isaiah Vidal’s Gritty Spartan Ultra World Championship Win (2018)

The 2018 Spartan Ultra World Championship in Iceland tested racers with extreme weather conditions, including freezing temperatures and snow. Isaiah Vidal’s finish was particularly memorable due to the sheer grit and endurance he displayed. Battling through 24 hours of obstacles, Vidal’s relentless pace and mental toughness saw him cross the finish line as the champion, a testament to his incredible resilience and training.

5. Lindsay Webster’s Dominant Performance at Spartan Race World Championship (2019)

Lindsay Webster’s finish at the 2019 Spartan Race World Championship in Lake Tahoe was a masterclass in strategic racing and athleticism. Faced with a field of the best female obstacle racers, Webster managed to pull ahead with a combination of speed, strength, and flawless technique on the obstacles. Her victorious finish, marked by a triumphant leap over the fire jump, underscored her dominance and solidified her status as a top competitor in the sport.

6. Hunter McIntyre’s Record-Breaking Broken Skull Challenge (2017)

Hunter McIntyre’s performance on the 2017 Broken Skull Challenge was a highlight in the obstacle racing world. Known for its brutal physical demands and competitive nature, McIntyre’s record-breaking finish demonstrated his unparalleled strength and endurance. His ability to power through each round with unmatched intensity and his final sprint to victory left viewers in awe and cemented his legacy as one of the fiercest competitors.

7. Nicole Mericle’s Triumphant OCR World Championships Finish (2019)

Nicole Mericle’s victory at the 2019 OCR World Championships was marked by her agility, speed, and impeccable technique. Throughout the course, she maintained a lead by efficiently navigating obstacles and maintaining a strong pace. Her finish, characterized by a jubilant sprint and fist pump, highlighted her exceptional performance and celebrated her return to the top of the sport after overcoming previous injuries.

8. Ryan Atkins and Lindsay Webster’s Power Couple Finish at Spartan Race Ultra Beast (2017)

Ryan Atkins and Lindsay Webster, both champions in their own right, made headlines with their performance at the 2017 Spartan Race Ultra Beast. As a couple, they dominated their respective races, and their simultaneous finishes, with Webster supporting Atkins as he crossed the finish line, exemplified their partnership and mutual support. Their finish was a memorable moment of love, teamwork, and mutual respect in the obstacle racing community.

9. Rea Kolbl’s Unyielding Spirit at World’s Toughest Mudder (2018)

Rea Kolbl’s finish at the 2018 World’s Toughest Mudder was a testament to her unyielding spirit. Facing brutal conditions and intense competition, Kolbl’s relentless drive saw her complete 75 miles and numerous obstacles within 24 hours. Her finish was marked by exhaustion and elation, highlighting the incredible effort required to compete at such a high level. Kolbl’s performance inspired many, showcasing what is possible with determination and perseverance.

10. Veejay Jones’ Youthful Triumph at Spartan Stadium Series (2019)

Veejay Jones, one of the youngest elite racers, delivered an inspiring performance at the 2019 Spartan Stadium Series. His finish was notable not just for his victory, but for the way he tackled each obstacle with a combination of speed and skill that belied his age. Jones’ ability to outpace more experienced competitors and his celebratory finish highlighted his potential and promise as a rising star in the sport.


The past decade of urban obstacle racing has been filled with epic finishes that highlight the extraordinary capabilities of athletes in this demanding sport. From legendary performances by seasoned veterans to breakthrough victories by rising stars, these moments have defined the sport and inspired countless individuals to challenge their limits. The future of urban obstacle racing promises even more unforgettable finishes and remarkable achievements.