How to Turn Obstacle Racing into a Family Activity,,

How to Turn Obstacle Racing into a Family Activity

Turning obstacle racing into a family activity can be a rewarding experience that promotes fitness, teamwork, and bonding among family members of all ages. Whether you’re preparing for events like Metro Dash® or other urban obstacle races, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to involve your family in this exhilarating adventure:

1. Choose Family-Friendly Races

  • Research: Look for obstacle races that offer family or kids’ divisions, shorter distances, or less challenging obstacles suitable for children and beginners.
  • Event Selection: Opt for events with a reputation for safety, supportive atmosphere, and a focus on fun rather than extreme competitiveness.

2. Set Realistic Expectations

  • Assess Abilities: Consider the fitness levels and ages of all family members. Plan accordingly to ensure everyone can participate comfortably and enjoyably.
  • Encourage Participation: Emphasize the importance of effort and enjoyment over competition or finishing times. Celebrate personal achievements and milestones together.

3. Create a Training Plan

  • Start Gradually: Begin training with manageable activities that build endurance, strength, and agility gradually for all family members.
  • Variety: Incorporate activities like running, hiking, biking, and playground workouts to simulate race conditions and develop necessary skills.
How to Turn Obstacle Racing into a Family Activity,,
How to Turn Obstacle Racing into a Family Activity,,

4. Practice Obstacle Skills

  • Skill Building: Dedicate sessions to practicing basic obstacle techniques such as climbing, crawling, jumping, and balance exercises.
  • Teamwork: Encourage teamwork and support by practicing how to assist each other over obstacles and through challenges.

5. Focus on Safety

  • Gear Check: Ensure everyone has appropriate clothing and footwear suitable for the event’s terrain and obstacles.
  • Hydration and Nutrition: Emphasize the importance of staying hydrated and fueled before, during, and after training sessions and race day.

6. Make it Fun and Engaging

  • Family Bonding: Use obstacle racing as an opportunity for quality family time. Celebrate achievements, encourage each other, and create lasting memories.
  • Theme Races: Participate in themed races or events that add excitement and make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

7. Embrace the Adventure

  • Positive Attitude: Approach obstacle racing with a positive mindset and sense of adventure. Focus on the journey and the experience rather than the outcome.
  • Role Models: Lead by example and demonstrate resilience, sportsmanship, and determination to inspire your family members.

8. Celebrate Together

  • Post-Race Celebration: Plan a post-race celebration to commemorate your family’s achievements. Share stories, take photos, and reflect on the experience together.
  • Set New Goals: Use the race experience as motivation to set new fitness goals as a family and continue enjoying active lifestyles together.


Obstacle racing can be a fantastic way to engage your family in fitness activities while fostering teamwork, resilience, and fun. By choosing suitable events, setting realistic expectations, training together, focusing on safety, and making it enjoyable, you can turn obstacle racing into a memorable family activity that promotes health and strengthens bonds. Encourage each family member to participate at their own pace and celebrate the collective effort and accomplishments. With dedication and enthusiasm, obstacle racing can become a cherished tradition that brings your family closer together while embracing the thrill of adventure and fitness.